Accommodation Regulation

Accommodation Regulation

Part I. General Provisions

· These regulations are designed to ensure that students' accommodation and surrounding areas are a safe and comfortable environment for living and learning and have been formulated in relation to the KSIC Code of Discipline for Students.

· These regulations apply to all students and visitors in the residence buildings and surrounding areas at all times.

Part II. Safety and Security

· Any sort of combustible, explosive, corrosive or poisonous materials which may cause damage or constitute a treat to health and safety are strictly forbidden anywhere in or near the residence areas.

· Students must not bring or store knives or guns (including replicas) or any other items which may threaten personal safety.

· Lighting of fires and setting off fireworks anywhere in or near the residence areas is strictly forbidden.

· Tampering with or inappropriate use of fire safety equipment or misuse of emergency phone numbers is strictly forbidden. Any suspected damage to fire safety equipment should be reported to the Hostel Manager or the Security.

· Students are not allowed to bring the following items into their rooms or the residence buildings: briquette stoves, kerosene stoves, spirit stoves, electrical stoves, electric cookers, solid fuels, clothes washing or drying machines, any form of heating appliance, or any other unauthorised electrical device. All such items will be confiscated.

· Students must not light candles or install electrical wiring in their rooms or public areas.

· Students are not permitted to keep any pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, or similar inside their rooms or elsewhere in residence.

· Students are responsible for their own valuables. Extra cash should be stored in the bank and pass numbers and bank cards should be kept appropriately.

· Students are required to lock all drawers, cabinets and doors when they are away from their room.

· Students are not permitted to add, change or tamper with door locks.

· Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their keys. Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the Security and Student Accommodation Management Office.

· Students are not permitted to duplicate keys and must not lend their keys to anyone.

· Students can borrow a key to their room with proof of identity.

· Unauthorised selling of good or services within residences is forbidden.

· Students should report any strangers or suspicious individuals engaging in such activity immediately to the Security Department.

· Smoking is not allowed in the residence buildings

· Involvement in the use and or distribution of illegal drugs in residence is very strictly forbidden and will be treated as extremely serious by the University.

· Students are required to follow the established rules and procedures for receiving guests or visiting students in dormitories other than their own.

· Students who wish to change room or move out of the dormitory must follow the established rules and procedures.

Part III. Standards of Behaviour

· Loud and disruptive behaviour which disturbs the rest and study of other residents is forbidden.

· Throwing any items whatsoever out of windows and doors is strictly forbidden.

· Viewing or distributing pornography or distributing any anti-government materials is strictly forbidden.

· Any form of gambling is strictly forbidden.

Part IV. Quiet Hours and Access

· Quiet hours in and around the dormitories are from 23:00 pm to 08:00 am every day.

· During exam periods quiet hours are extended to 24 hours.

· Students are prohibited from making excessive noise.

· Doors are normally opened at 06:00 am and closed at 23:00 pm. During weekends and holidays, or during exam periods, the doors will be closed at 23:30 pm.

· Entry into the Students Dormitory is by security access card.

Part V. Miscellaneous Provisions

· Students are expected to keep their rooms and residence areas clean and tidy.

· Students should use water and electricity sparingly and must ensure that all lights and water are switched off when not needed.

· Any sort of unauthorized redecorating is not permitted. This includes setting cords for drying clothes in rooms or along corridors.

· Students must not remove or relocate items of furniture.

· Students must exercise due care and attention when using any public facilities to avoid damage and should report any faults or damage.

· Students and visitors in the residence are subject to KSIC regulations governing the use of information services, including the internet.

· Vehicles (including bikes) must be parked or stored only within designated areas.

Part VI. Supplementary Provisions

· Students suspected of breaking one or more of these regulations will be subject to the KSIC Code of Discipline for Students.

· The right of interpretation of these regulations rests with KSIC.