Our Students Say

Ye Jiahui, China

"I spent here more than 3 years: a Foundation Year Course and 2 years of master degree in vocal arts. This year I am taking qualification apprenticeship in academical singing as it is a unique opportunity to enhance my skills and capabilities. Studying vocal arts in this institute is a truly amazing experience. With the unopposed education when there are no other students except you, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice as much as you set to in your mind."

Ngola Maurício Nzage, Angola

"I was granted a scholarship for studying the Russian language and later the bachelor degree in playing the violin in this institute. What I love most about the institute is its teachers and professors, they are so passionate about music and devoted. Moreover, from the very start of my study here I had a sense of belonging since I was a part of the institute's orchestra and took an active part in every concert. This is an incredible chance for me and my future music career."